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Humble Beginnings

Ogden Angus Ranch was founded by Kenny and Sherry Ogden in 1980, when they purchased the original 40 acres that remains the heart of the operation.  Kenny worked construction and Sherry worked in town as a bookkeeper during the day and they both cared for their livestock at night.  Through hard work, honesty and commitment over the next decade, they were able to purchase and lease more land to build their beef cattle herd.  The registered angus herd has steadily grown since it was established in 1994 with strong genetics from the top angus herds across the country. 


Today, Ogden Angus Ranch remains family owned and operated by Kenny and Sherry and their sons, Riley, Brandon and Trevon.  Everyone plays a part in the success of the business.  The ranch now runs over 1,500 head of registered angus cows on 5,000 acres.  Over 500 registered angus bulls and several hundred head of premium Ogden Angus influenced replacement heifers are marketed annually. Their passion and love for providing high quailty cattle to their customers continues to be the driving force behind their business and way of life.

For the last two decades, Ogden Angus Ranch's disciplined breeding approach to progeny proven, high accuracy AI sires has allowed rapid genetic progress and resulted in a superior angus cowherd that has earned the respect of the industry.  With a balanced focus on phenotype and genetic profile, Ogden Angus genetics consistently produce efficient, functional, high-quality offspring. 


Ogden Angus cows are expected to raise a respectable calf each year with minimal to no assistance.  Registered angus replacement heifers undergo a strict selection process prior to being allowed to enter the herd.


With a large selection of genomically enhanced heifer bulls, Ogden Angus can help you select the right bull for your needs.  Ogden Angus bulls are bred and developed to last and their proven genetics are a profitable investment. You can purchase Ogden Angus genetics with confidence.  We guarantee that all bulls sold by Ogden Angus Ranch have passed a breeding soundness exam by a licensed veterinarian. 

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